D23 Expo 2017: Josh Gad sings ‘That Time of Year’ from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Josh Gad sings That Time of Year - Olaf's Frozen Adventure

One of the surprising moments coming out of Disney’s Animation panel at D23 Expo was Josh Gad performing live a song from the new animated short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

While a true sequel to Frozen is in the works, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is an animated featurette that’ll arrive in theaters alongside Pixar’s Coco later this year. The film will feature four new songs from Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson and the entire original cast will return. One of those songs — ‘That Time of Year’ — was performed by Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf. You can watch it below (the song starts at around 2:54, but I recommend watching the full video).

As for what’s happening during the song: Olaf is going door-to-door, learning about (and making fun of) some fairly common Christmas traditions, like decorating trees and Santa Claus. The overall story of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure follows the lovable snowman as he attempts to bring some holiday cheer to Anna and Elsa after learning they don’t have any holiday traditions.

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