D23 Expo 2017: Pixar’s new untitled film sounds super emotional

Monsters University director Dan Scanlon

Our first surprise announcement out of D23 is a brand new, currently untitled film from Pixar.

Announced during the Walt Disney Animation Studios panel, the untitle dfilm will be directed by Monsters University’s Dan Scanlon. The film will be set in a suburban fantasy world.

The film was described as “based on a very personal story” told in a modern world featuring magic. Concept art shown during the panel included “a dragon, and a town with a water tower.”

“I have always wondered who my father was and how I’m like him,” Scanlon said on stage while describing the film (via IGN). Scanlon went on to tell the story of how his father died when he was only a year old. The film will similarly tell the story of two men whose father died who head out into a mundane fantasy world to find a way to have one last magical day with him. In other words, get the tissues ready.

The world of the film does not feature humans, but rather elves, trolls, and sprites, or as Scanlon put it — “pretty much everything that would be on the side of a van in the ‘70s.” Other details of the world showcased included unicorns, which populate the world but act like rodents, eating out of the trash.

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