Epcot: Ellen’s Energy Adventure is closing on August 13

Epcot's Universe of Energy

Another one bites the dust. Though not necessarily a fan favorite, it’s always sad to see long time rides shut down. But that’s exactly what’s happening on August 13th when the lights officially go out to Ellen’s Energy Adventure.

In order to make room for Epcot’s new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, Disney will be closing down the Universe of Energy attraction, which includes Ellen’s Energy Adventure.

Though not the most riveting of rides in the park, Ellen’s Energy Adventure has a certain charm to it. And it certainly is educational. Starring Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Nye “The Science Guy”, Jamie Lee Curtis, Alex Trebek, and Johnny Gilbert, the attraction takes a light-hearted look at various energy resources, how energy is produced, the history of energy production, and the search for new energy resources. The ride combines pre-recorded footage (with a Jeopardy game show setup) with physical sets and animatronics. Again, they aren’t the most lifelike representations, but they have a classic charm to them that’ll certainly be missed by longtime Disney fans.

Ellen's Energy Adventure at Epcot

And maybe even if you didn’t appreciate the attraction itself, I’m sure many of you loved the 45-minute air conditioned break from the scorching heat. Nap time anyone?

The original Universe of Energy pavilion and attraction opened on October 1, 1982. The attraction closed on January 21, 1996 and was replaced by an updated Ellen’s Energy Adventure, which opened on September 15, 1996.

But it’s out with the old and in with the new. And on August 13th, we say goodbye to Ellen’s Energy Adventure and begin to make way for Star Lord and his group of intergalactic A-holes. It’s unclear the type of attraction Guardians of the Galaxy will exist as, but it’ll certainly add a new layer of excitement to Epcot’s Future World.

Guardians of the Galaxy attraction for Epcot concept art

Ellen’s Universe of Energy isn’t the only attraction that’ll be closing on August 13th at Walt Disney World. The Great Movie Ride is also set to close on the same day at Hollywood Studios to make way for the newly announced Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

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