‘Final Wrap’: Disney unveils new merchandise for The Great Movie Ride’s closure

The Great Movie Ride - Final Wrap Merchandise

After 28 years of transporting guests into the magical world of movies, Disney’s The Great Movie Ride will be wrapping up its production next month.

In order prepare the new home of the newly-announced Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction, The Great Movie Ride  in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort will be closing permanently on August 13th.

But Disney won’t be calling it a wrap without a fond farewell to the classic ride! Tonight, the company hosted a special “#GreatFinale” event, giving attendees of the invite-only event a chance to walk through the ride as much as they want and enjoy a dessert party.

BUT! That’s not the exciting part!

The Great Movie Ride Final Wrap Merchandise!

Starting late next week, Disney will be selling new Great movie Ride products in order to commemorate the final run or production.

These Final Wrap products — shirts, hats, and chachkies — will be released late next week at Walt Disney World Resort and on the Disney Parks online store on August 10th.

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