Funko introduces Disney, Marvel Pop! Keychain Blindbags

Pop Keychain Blindbag Disney image

Funko just announced a “new and exciting way” to shell out more money — Pop! Keychain Blindbags!

Pop! Keychains are essentially Pop! figures miniaturized down to a smaller size (1.5 inches) so that you can take your favorite character with you wherever you go. But apparently it’s more fun to collect these figures when you aren’t guaranteed the one you want.

The introductory series for Pop! Keychain Blindbags will include Disney and Marvel characters (along with DC). There will even be a few characters making their Pop! Keychain debut.

Both the Disney and Marvel Pop! Keychain Blindbags will debut in September. Take a look at what’s coming below.

Pop! Keychain Blindbag: Marvel 

With the exception of Spider Gwen, Funko’s Marvel series¬†introduces all new characters to Pop! Keychains! You can find Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and many more!

Pop Keychain Blindbag Marvel

Pop! Keychain Blindbag: Disney

The Disney line of Pop! Keychain Blindbag’s includes a nice mix of Disney characters, including Tinkerbell, Sticch, Wall-E, Maleficent, Jack and Sally, and more.

Pop Keychain Blindbag Disney

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