Official Thor: Ragnarok trailer is RAGING fire!

Thor: Ragnarok - SDCC 2017 Official Trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Marvel released the official trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, giving us a more in-depth look at the upcoming adventure for the God of Thunder.

“I lost hammer yesterday. And then I went on a journey of self-discovery. Then I met you,” Thor says to Bruce Banner, who is making his return to the MCU after flying off into space at the end of Age of Ultron. “Hela, the Goddess of Death, has invaded Asgard. And you and I had a fight.”

Together, Thor, Hulk, Loki and the rest of the team will take on Hela and attempt her from destroying Ragnarok.

The Thor movies generally haven’t been well-received, and are considerably less popular than the rest of the MCU; but, it finally feels like Marvel has figured it out with Thor: Ragnarok. There’s a completely different feel with this one, and I can’t wait for it to hit theaters on November 3rd.

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